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    if u see me smiling in public it means im laughing at the jokes i tell myself in my head 

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    This here! To all you selfish idiots leaving your children in the car. This should be your punishment for the rest of your life and without water.

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    everything personal♡

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    animated gus vs. real gus

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  4. let me introduce myself

    1. the meaning behind my url
    2. a picture of me
    3. tattoos i have
    4. last time i cried and why
    5. piercings i have
    6. favorite band
    7. biggest turn off(s)
    8. top 5 (insert subject)
    9. tattoos i want
    10. biggest turn on(s)
    11. age
    12. ideas of a perfect date
    13. life goal(s)
    14. piercings i want
    15. relationship status
    16. favorite movie
    17. a fact about my life
    18. phobia
    19. middle name
    20. anything you want to ask

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